Velma Kocher

Velma Kocher

3 year old preschool teacher, 5th grade religion, 5th and 6th grade study hall

I teach at St. Paul because at the young age of 35, I had my first child. A wonderful daughter, Kayla. She came into this world at a whopping 2 ½ lbs and was 2 months early.

I knew at that moment my life had changed and God had bigger things in store for me. I quit my job and devoted my time to the greatest job EVER – parenthood!

Kayla and I did not spend very much time apart, so when I received a call in 1998 for Kayla to come to St. Paul preschool, I was excited for her but I was going to go with her to check “this place” out. GOD IS AWESOME! I walked in and instantly had a secure feeling and Kayla absolutely LOVED it. I stayed most of that first year with her because I loved it so much. Ms. Kowen sure has a lot of patience with this over protective mom.  In 2002 I received a phone call of my own to come to St. Paul preschool, and the rest is history.

About Me:

  • Education:

    16 years in education, Bachelors at Mineral Area College

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